Top 6 summer  modest trends all Hijabi girls will wear in 2020

Top 6 summer modest trends all Hijabi girls will wear in 2020

Top 6 modest fashion trends that will be worn by all Muslim and Hijabi girls all over summer and spring 2019-2020. In this article, you will learn all the new summer fashion trends and ways you can incorporate it in your own unique style.

The spring has already approached Australia with its crazy winds, rain, and generous sunshine. So the weather is heating up, skirts are getting shorter and the sleeves are disappearing from the cloths, but not for us Muslim and modest girls. LOL. We gotta keep it halal. 

 As the cold winter weather chills away we say goodbye to our big fluffy warm jackets and knitted clothing to replace them with lighter clothes to especially keep us modest girls cool and cozy. 

And even that, we gotta do it in style sister. But what are the modest spring/summer trends that we should keep in mind so we stay both stylish and on-trend? 

Don’t panic sis, We got you.  here we have listed all the popular current modest spring/summer trends that you need to know and keep in mind so you can incorporate it in your springy or summery outfits. These trends will be dominating all the hijabi girls' styles and outfits in spring and summer so we thought you should know all about it too! 

So what’s really ON right now? 

1. The colour Mustard! 

This bright and cheerful colour adds a playful element to any outfit especially if styled with colours close to its shade such as reds, oranges or yellow. It could create a perfect aesthetic with colours like white, nude, and black too! 

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2. Accent and statement Jewelry with or on the Hijab! 

Clips, hairpins and pretty bobby pins are not only for hair anymore. You also put them on your scarf to add a little extra bling and detail to your outfit. This can easily uplevel your outfit and instantly make you appear more stylish and trendy.  Adding statement earrings to hijab and turban looks are also a big trend right now as they effortlessly elevate your look and create a more fashionable appearance.


3. Animal Prints 

This trend has been all over social media and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. We don’t blame anyone it looks so GOOD. Whether it is snakeskin, leopard or zebra print; it will look good. You can mix different animal prints for a high fashion look or tone it down by using an animal print as a top or dress with other solid colours.

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4. Power Suits!

Power suits are modest, classy, elegant and can upstyle anyone looks immediately. This trend is a blessing in disguise for hijabi women. It can be styled very easily and make you stand out like a boss babe!


5. Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts are one of the best clothing items for a modest hijabi girl. This item is not only super comfortable it is also very stylish and trendy. There are many ways to style a pleated skirt as they come in a diverse range of colors and patterns. It could be styled with dad shoes, or sandles for a more casual halal summer girl outfit! (You get the joke? as in hot summer girl but for us it should be halal summer girl) 

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6. Belted jumpsuits and dresses

This trend helps to accentuate the waist, giving anyone a more fitted and put together look. Wearing this look in summer or spring will sure make you look stylish, keep you cool and cozy. The perfect pick for a day out to play, brunch with friends or picnic day with family!